Who is Yafaau?

Yafaau is a 14 year old child with acquired Cerebral Palsy living in Maldives. Yafaau was delivered in IGM Hospital on January 4, 2003. [quote] This website contains detailed information on Yafaau's medical History , reports and developmental progress. Yafaau is a 14 year old boy delivered in IGM Hospital with Acquired Cerebral Palsy living in Maldives. Ahmed Yafaau Yasiph was born on January 4, 2003. He was born with no breathing, no heartbeat and doctors confirmed that he suffered from Asphyxia or HIE (Severe oxygen shortage in the brain during labour and delivery) and now he is suffering a disorder called Cerebral Palsy . Possible Cause It is believed that there must have been severe oxygen shortage in the brain during labour and delivery. The newborn infant's blood is specially equipped to compensate for low levels of oxygen, and asphyxia (lack of oxygen caused by interruption in breathing or poor oxygen supply) is common in babies during the stresses of labour and delivery. But asphyxia severely lowered the supply of oxygen to Yafaau's brain for a lengthy period, which developed brain damage called hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy(HIE). A significant proportion of babies with this type of brain damage die, and others may develop cerebral palsy, which is then often accompanied by mental impairment and seizures. Doctors were trying their best to deliver Yafaau. They even tried Vacuum extraction. Even after hours of effort, they were unable to deliver him. Doctors gave up hope on him. When Yafaau was born(natural birth), he was not breathing, had no heartbeat. But Luckily Yafaau is with us. He is our first child and is a lovely boy and we are happy that he is here with us. As mentioned above he is having seizures and taking medicine that makes him less aware of his environment which reduces stimulation to him. -Yafaau.info-[/quote]