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  • There are 5 pathways to the brain. We can see, hear, feel, taste, and smell. We learn everything through these five pathways.
  • There're thousands of ways to stimulate the brain via these pathways.
  • When you improve one function of the brain, you improve all functions to some degree.
  • For too long it has been assumed tht brain growth and development is a predestined and unchangeable fact. Instead, brain growth and development is a dynamic and ever-changing process.
  • The brain grows by use.
  • Brain injury is in the brain.
  • Treating the symptoms of brain injury does not work.
  • Brain-injured children are not hopeless.
  • Thousands of brain-injured children from all over the world are on the pathway to wellness. Some have made it all the way.
  • Parents are the answer, not the problem.

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