The Pathway to Wellness


Your child may have been labeled as being mentally handicapped, athetoid, deficient, developmentally delayed, hyperactive, or as having cerebral palsy, autism, epilepsy, stroke, attention deficit disorder, reading or learning problems, or any number of syndromes like Down ’s syndrome.

Depending on what area of the brain is injured, your child may have problems with movement, sensation, vision, hearing, language, learning, behavior, or a combination of these things. In addition, your child may have problems with allergies, digestion, elimination, seizures, and general health well-being, or he may be in a coma.

All of these things are symptoms of brain injury.

The brain is responsible for the entire function of the body. Since this is the case, brain injury may cause many different symptoms. If your child has any of these symptoms or labels, this “category” is for you.

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